Packing for College - 5 Must Reads

The ultimate guide to navigating all the ultimate guides

No one likes packing. Well some people do, but you probably don’t. And when you’re going off to college, we’re talking PACKING. So where do you start? Well, like anything most humans do today, you probably started with a Google search: “packing for college”. “Wonderful”, you think to yourself “When I finish reading through 51.8 million blogs, I’ll know exactly what to do.”

That’s where this blog (#51,800,001 on the subject) tries to help. We’ve read through a lot of blogs and checklists and compiled a reading list of 5 worthwhile articles on the subject. This is solely based on our opinion but we’re pretty sure if you’ve read these, you’ve covered all the bases.

The Checklists

1. What to Bring to College: The Best College Packing List EVER


This blog includes a VERY comprehensive checklist of everything you might need for college. As it says in the introduction it’s an “all-inclusive checklist that covers everything from bedding to food to medicine”. Chances are, you won’t need everything in the list but if you want to be sure you have not forgotten anything this is a good list to review. The added bonus is that it also includes a downloadable PDF that you can print and check off.

2. The Must-Have College Packing List


If you’re looking for a brief checklist that may not be as comprehensive as the others but includes a solid list of everything you need, this is a quick and easy read. It also distinguishes between the things you should bring from home and the stuff you should buy at school. “Buy the trashcans, lamps and hotpots when you get there and save room in the trunk for the true essentials.”

The Sage Advice

3. Packing for College: Tips and Tricks


This is a great blog to read if you want to want to get sound advice about how to pack and actual tips for going about it. The blog is very readable and less overwhelming than a lot of the others on the subject. It’s divided into the categories of things you need with tips about each category. At the end there is also a handy section about the stuff you DON’T need. Overall, this is highly suggested reading.

The “Buy Now” Lists

4. The Ultimate College Packing Checklist


Billed as the “go-to guide for figuring out what you should bring to college”, this page provides a list of the items you need, with an explanation about why you need them and direct links to buy the product on Amazon. If you just want the checklist, it includes a downloadable PDF. The list also distinguishes between “essentials” and “everything else”.

5. College Packing List (for online purchase)


Disclaimer: We’re not really objective about this particular list because it’s on our website but we really like it and we hope you do too :-)

For people seeking an easy, time-saving shopping experience, this is an interesting one. Focused on dorm living needs, this is a checklist that you can tailor to your needs and then add to your shopping cart in one click. What also makes this list unique is that you are purchasing every item on the list from one online store that specializes in dorm living. The prices are competitive and you can choose to ship to your own home or directly to your dorm.

Good Luck and Happy Packing!

We hope this summary has been helpful. If there is an amazing list you think we missed, feel free to add it in the comments (or any other feedback for that matter). Happy packing...