Transform Your Dorm: <br>Using Storage Products to Maximize Living Space

All space on earth is limited... Especially on campus, and even more so if you share with room/apartment mates. So how do you make the best of the space you have? Where do you keep all your stuff if you only have one small closet and how do you organize it in a way that you can actually find it when you need it?

Enter storage products. Those handy little solutions that can turn a messy little dorm room into a spacious and organized palace. Ok, maybe not a palace, but if you can have a few friends over without one of them tripping over your tap dancing shoes, you’re doing well :-)

Storage products generally come in 3 main types: “Over the Door”, “Under the Bed” and “Closet Optimizers”. We’re going to analyze each type and look at the pros and cons to help you decide what makes the most sense for your needs.

Over the Door

Gone are the days when your door was simply the instrument that sealed off your room and allowed you to enter or exit at will. You’re living in a dorm now. Every item in your room is now a potential storage receptacle and your door is no different.

There’s the old classic pocket over the door organizerwhich gives you lots of mini cubbies to store all kinds of stuff that would otherwise be piled on your desk/floor. These don’t even require installation (you know, when you stick the nail in the door and it comes out the other side). You just place it over your door and you’re all set.

If pockets are not what you’re after, there’s the over the door hook organizer, which allows you to hang your coats, your towels (or your roommate's) on different hooks. This method is especially popular in bathrooms where you can hang your towels and toiletries.

Pros of over the door storage: More space, see everything clearly, easy access.

Cons of over the door storage: You may not like seeing your stuff out, may make closing the door difficult.

Under Your Bed

Remember when your mom told you to clear the floor in your room and you shoved everything under your bed? Well that was an early form of under your bed storage. The problem with that method was that you couldn't exactly find what you needed afterwards (you didn't even know what you shoved there). Thanks to (not so) modern technology there are great solutions for using that under utilized space under your bed for the stuff you don’t need constant access to.

For a start you can increase the space under your bed using bed risers which are simply placed under the legs or wheels of your bed frame to add a few inches of height. You can then use a foldable or hard plastic underbed storage box to keep things like extra towels and blankets or sweaters folded away nice and neatly until you next need them. The underbed storage bags come in all sizes are are generally clear so you can see exactly what you put there without having to take everything out.

Pros of under bed storage: Use space that is generally underutilized.

Cons of under bed storage: Sometimes can be difficult to get to depending on layout of room and furniture, not optimal if you have a bad back.

Closet Optimizers

While you may not be able to change the physical size of your closet, you can use closet storage products to organize and optimize your drawers, shelves and hanging space.

Sometimes, all a big space needs is a few boxes or bins to sort your stuff and create some order out of the mayhem. Storage bins are usually foldable and lightweight so you can pack them away when they’re not in use. Hanging options include shoe holders, sweater storage and shelves for anything and everything.

Pros of Closet Storage: Maximize space, create different types of space suited to your needs, find things easily. If you share a closet, easily identify your things.

Cons of Closet Storage: You may not have space in your closet and you may want to use your closet as is.

Good Luck and Stay Organized

We hope you enjoyed our blog. At Pack for College, we care about things like storage products because our mission is to make your dorm or apartment feel as much as possible like your home away from home. A little organization using storage products goes a long way to doing that.

If you have any questions about the best products for your needs, please feel free to contact us and if you like what you read or you feel we missed anything, please leave your comments below.