We are excited that you have chosen to partner with Pack for College by Murray the SockmanPlease read the partnership agreement below and submit your acknowledgment and details at the bottom of the page.

I. "Pack for College" Responsibilities

Your student families will enjoy our high quality products, everyday super competitive prices and free US shipping on orders over $99, as well as ongoing sales and offers.

In addition we provide the following services to our partners:

  1. We create a customized smart packing list on our site for each of our partner colleges, where students can add all products from their packing list to their cart in one click, making the buying experience even easier!

  2. Where relevant, we create an online logowear store for your college, where students can purchase exclusive logoed items.

  3. Your college will receive a percentage of the sales revenue from customers that you refer to our website. We calculate sales revenue as the amount paid for the items minus shipping, handling, taxes, and service charges. Additional restrictions may apply.

  4. Fundraising reports will be generated and checks will be mailed to you at the end of the summer and periodically where relevant.

II. Partner College Responsibilities

The main point of our service is to benefit your students. The more they know about our service, the more they can benefit (and the more revenue you can bring in for your college through commission payments).

 As a partner college, your responsibilities are:

  1. Promote our service to your students. 
    Here are some ideas on how to do this:
    - Ongoing communication with students (newsletters, emails, social media etc.)
    - Link on your website
    - Include website information with packing list (digital or print)
    - Any other creative ways you can think of

  2. Provide all the requested material to set up your landing page, smart packing list and, where relevant, your logowear store. This may include logos, packing lists, pictures etc. 
Please note: In order for your college to be credited, customers you refer, must enter the site through the unique affiliate URL that you will receive after registration.
    Keep in mind that we are available and happy to help you with any written and digital resources you need to promote our website.

      We look forward to a fruitful and productive partnership!