Even though your child is having a grand old summer, you're probably missing them a little (or a lot). And don't be surprised if they are homesick on occasion and missing you too...

Being away at camp is a growing experience for everyone and it's a great way for your children to learn about independence... But that doesn't mean you can't spoil them a little and remind them that you're thinking about them... And what better way to do that than in the form of a care package delivered to camp to brighten up their day.

The Pack for Camp team have collected 17 awesome ideas for Cool Camp Care Packages! Before we begin though, 2 disclaimers:

1. Not every camp allows packages during the session so clarify your camp's package policy before you send anything

2. Many camps are particularly sensitive about food packages because of allergies and other concerns so before you send those home baked cookies, make sure it's allowed.

17 Cool Camp Care Package Ideas

1. Cards or other small games, toys

2. Love notes from home

3. Stationery for them to write to you

4. Camera

5. Pet selfies

6. MP3 Player


7. Mad libs or comic books

8. Extra toiletries or other supplies

9. Books

10. Money to use at the canteen

11. Bunk junk and fun - pom poms, Hawaiian skirt

12. Journal

13. Stickers

14. Camp t-shirt - Check our list of Pack for Camp swag stores or shop our "Camp is in my soul" collection.

15. Art supplies for doodling and fun during down time

16. Washi tape

17. More labels for their new things

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