Pack for Camp Partnership Program

Your Own Online Camp Swag Store

Thank you for your interest in the Pack for Camp Partnership Program. Pack for Camp partners with summer camps across the US to make their camp swag available to campers 24/7, all year round. We also offer campers all the gear they need for summer camp under one roof.

Your Designs, Our Logistics

At Pack for Camp, we can make your swag available to families 24/7, all year round by setting you up with your very own online camp swag store.

So how does it work? It's simple… You supply the cool designs and logos and we take care of all the logistics, including setup, inventory, payment, and shipping. We only print when someone orders, enabling you to offer a wide range of items and designs without having to commit to any minimums. Setting up a store is FREE and camps earn commission on every sale. 
Set up a meeting today, to get started!

Ok, I want to build my own camp store. What are my next steps?

As a first step, we ask you to schedule a short conversation with us so that we can better understand your camp’s unique needs and requirements. After that, we send you a mail with your basic instructions to get up and running. This involves signing our partnership agreement, going through our logowear catalog to pick the items you want to display in your store and sending us the designs you want to place on each item.

Once you send us all the information, we build the store and send you a first draft within 2 weeks. When you are satisfied with the result, your store goes live, simple as that!

FAQ about setting up your logowear store

How many designs can I offer for each item and how many colors can I include in each design?

There are no limitations on the number of designs or the number of colors per design. Since we are printing everything one at a time using a digital process, you can offer a number of different design and there is no limit on the amount of colors.

Where are the products stored? Do I need to hold any inventory?

Because we only print what is ordered, there is no need to hold any inventory. Your camp office no longer needs to be filled with old t-shirts and sweatshirts that were never sold. We take care of all the inventory and logistics so that you don’t need to worry about any of it.

What are the costs to my camp? Do I need to commit to any minimum orders?

There are zero costs to your camp. We set up and maintain your store free of charge. Because we only print the items that are ordered, you do not have to commit to any minimum orders.

So what part of the operating and managing the store is my camp responsible for?

All you need to do is choose the items from our catalog that you want to include in your store and send us the designs for each item. All the management and operations are on us. We process the orders, ship them to the customers, handle any customer support issues, and maintain the website on a daily basis. The only thing remaining for you to do, is to promote the store to your camp families. And when you want to make changes to your store, you simply email us your changes and we take care of it.

Do you provide any help with graphic design work?

Yes we can. At Pack for Camp, we can help you with your logowear designs by either adapting existing artwork or creating new designs. Click here to see our design packages.

When can my camp families access the store? Is it only available at specific times of year?

Your camp store will be available year round 24/7. There is nothing you need to do to “turn it on”. It’s available online at all times. It’s up to you to promote the store to your families and to request any items or design changes.

I already have a store at camp. Why do I need an online store?

Even if you already have a physical camp store, your new online store will complement it by making your swag available to families 24/7, all year round. Your camp store is great at camp but when families get home, they still want to have the option to order your swag, especially during holiday seasons. Your camp alumni would also love the opportunity to order camp swag even though they are no longer attending camp anymore. An online store allows you the flexibility to make your camp swag available to everyone, all the time.

Why should I care about making my camp swag available online?

Your camp brand matters and allowing camp families to order your swag online helps to keep your camp relevant all year round. Everyime someone leaves their house with a camp t-shirt, they are basically advertising your camp, especially when they are super excited to be wearing that shirt.

When campers can access and wear your swag, it also strengthens their emotional connection and loyalty to your camp. During Covid, for example, when so many people could not attend camp physically, we saw lots of campers wanting to buy swag as a way of staying connected to camp.

Can I use my online store to run an early bird camp registration offer or to send gifts to campers, alumni and donors?

Absolutely. You can always purchase discount codes for your logowear store and use them in many creative ways. Lots of our camps run early bird registration offers, where campers who sign up early get a free t-shirt in the form of a discount code to their online store. They place the order for free and get the items shipped to their home. This saves the camp the whole operational side of running such an offer. Other camps use the discount codes as a way of sending gifts to donors or alumni and allowing them to choose exactly what they want from their store.

Does my camp make any money on the sales?

Yes! Your camp will receive 10% commission on the revenue of every swag sale. We calculate sales revenue as the amount paid for the items minus shipping, handling, taxes, and service charges. So if a t-shirt costs $20 and the customer paid $5 for shipping, your camp will earn $2 (10% of $20). In addition, if you want to do a fundraiser on a particular item, you can ask us to raise the price above our regular catalog price, and the extra revenue goes directly to the camp.

I heard that you offer a service for campers to buy everything on their packing list. Tell me more...

In addition to helping camps set up swag stores, we offer camp families a one stop shop to buy everything they need for summer camp.

When you partner with us, your campers can use our smart camp packing lists to buy soft trunks, bedding, laundry accessories, toiletries, storage solutions, clothing and more.

When we create your camp's smart packing list, we map all the unique items on your camp's packing list to the items we sell on our website, allowing parents to add what they need in one click.

Partner Resources

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List of our Partner Camps

Pack for Camp Partner Testimonials

"At our camp we have a small year-round team and can’t allocate people’s time to help run a store, so Pack For Camp was the perfect option for us. We sent in our designs, explained how we wanted them applied to different products, and they took care of every other little detail! It was super stress-free and our alumni and families were so happy they could get camp merch are year long no matter where they lived! Melissa and Gaby were incredible throughout the whole set-up process, always finding time to talk with us and help us set up the store even when we were scrambling to get everything good-to-go right before the holidays! Thanks again for helping Minikani out! I’ve always wanted Minikani to have an online store and you made it so easy to set up!"

Alex Hushek, Member Engagement Director
YMCA Camp Minikani

"My name is Ariella and I am the assistant director at Moshava Alevy. We are an overnight camp in California with 400 campers per summer plus 150 staff. There is no other service like Pack for Camp out there! The best part of the service Pack for Camp provides is that Melissa and Gaby are the easiest people to work with. any small or last minute changes I need to make, they are always willing and able, and always with a smile and super quick to respond. Each year we send our complete packing list to them to load to their site and we are able to tell our families that if they are overwhelmed with packing, they dont even need to think about it at all, Pack for Camp has them covered. The "cashback" at the end of the summer is always a fun unexpected bonus that we appreciate."

Ariella Skoczylas, Assistant Director, Moshava Alevy

"My name is Ethan Naviasky and I work operations for Camp Yavneh, a Jewish sleepaway camp in New Hampshire. A part of my job is ordering Camp swag and Camp merchandise for the summer, but after the summer we always had people reaching out about purchasing merchandise from us. We only had a physical store during the summer, but nothing for our alumni, parents, grandparents, and other community members to show their Yavneh pride. This is where Pack for Camp comes in. We are able to add our logos and designs to anything in their extensive catalog under one roof for our community to browse any time of the year. Melissa and Gaby have been so great to work with and are responsive and address any issues we may have quickly and thoroughly. I have not worked with any other companies like Pack for Camp, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their exposure and merchandise. I look forward to working with them for many years to come!"

Ethan Naviasky, Operations, Camp Yavneh

"My name is Alex, and I run all the marketing and merchandising for Buck's Rock Camp. As a not-profit camp, there are restrictions on what and when we can sell our branded merchandise ourselves. Pack for Camp ensures that our devoted staff, alumni, and campers can always find a fun item or gift with our logo on it! Our alumni base is scattered all over the country, so Pack for Camp helps with shipping and getting them their items in a timely manner. Their platform is incredibly easy to navigate, and they always have a great selection of things we can choose to have in our store. I'd recommend working with them in a heartbeat!"

Alexandra Huber-Weiss, Development Manager, Buck’s Rock Camp

"My name is Tammy Sickels, my family runs Before/After School & Summer Camps in Maryland. Our company is called Kids After Hours- but we have many different types of camps. Gaby and Melissa made it easy to offer all of our different camp logos in one place. We were struggling to find STAFF apparel that our team would love prior to finding Pack For Camp. We chose Pack for Camp because of the wide variety of customizable apparel… and we were thrilled to work with Gaby and Melissa. They worked quickly to design our site exactly the way we needed! The Pack For Camp website is super easy to use and we LOVE it! Melissa makes it super easy to give out coupon codes to our staff who are shining stars! Gaby and Melissa are incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Thank-you so much Pack For Camp!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Tammy Sickels, Kids After Hours

"We love working with Pack for Camp. It is so convenient not to have to hold inventory of logo'd items and have a one-stop-shop where we can send our community. Gaby and Melissa are very personal and make the process of adding/editing items super easy. Plus the ability to do bulk orders at a discount is an awesome bonus when we are looking for a special item or doing an event."

Becky Felak, Development Manager, The Goodtimes Project

"Pack for Camp was the perfect solution for Camps Airy & Louise being able to offer logo'd items year round to our campers, staff and families. It didn't cost us anything and working with Gaby and Melissa has been great -- they are true professionals. They're able to offer a large product selection and are flexible to add or rmove products quickly. I would definitely recommend."

Susan Vogel, Camps Airy & Louise

"Pack for Camp allows us to have a full camp store with the merchandise that we want to have- without laying out any money and without dealing with any of the hassle. The team from Pack for Camp are very responsive and constantly updating the options for us to choose to offer our families. We love that we’re now able to sell so much merch all year long- and there’s nothing to lose!"

Rivki Gaynor, Camp Nageela Midwest

Our Story

We’re Gaby Fachler and Melissa Goldwag, husband and wife team, and founders and owners of Pack for Camp.  A good part of our youth was spent around the campfire and we still love everything about summer camp!

Melissa enjoyed many summers as a camper, camp counselor and lifeguard  while Gaby spent his summers as a camper, counselor and head counselor.

To date, we've helped over 50 camps build their own swag stores and we can't wait to help you build yours!

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