Did you ever wonder what kind of camp swag people like to buy online? At Pack for Camp, we analyzed the data from the last 5 years of over 80 online camp stores that we host on our site. Keep in mind, that we're speaking about online sales all year round, and that these items may not necessarily be the ones that are the most popular in your physical camp store. 

So first, some statistics... To give you a sense of how popular each of the categories were, we compiled a pie chart, showing the percentage of sales (number of items sold) for each category.

Now that you have the overall picture, here are the top 10 sellers...

1st Place - Short Sleeve Tee

Still no competition for the good old fashioned, camp t-shirt. The plain tee is by far the most popular, although we sold lots of different styles, including the tie dye tee, which is a real hit with campers. Overall, t-shirts are by far the most popular category making up for more than 30% of overall sales.

2nd place - Pullover Hoodie

In 2nd place is the pullover hoodie. Perfect for those nights around the bonfire and gives you enough real estate to proudly display your logo.

3rd place - Zip Hoodies

Zip hoodies are always popular. They're super convenient and you remember your camp with a neat little logo in the corner...(or a big one on the back).


4th place - Crewneck Sweatshirts

A good old classic crewneck to keep you warm...

5th Place - Hats

Every camper knows you keep your head covered when you're running around in the sun. Among the hats that were sold were baseball caps, bucket hats, trucker hats, and beanies.

6th place - Long Sleeve Tees

It should not be a surprise that many campers liked the long sleeve tee-shirt, suitable for all 4 seasons.

7th place - Stickers

Stickers leave so much space for creativity in the design and they're really hard to resist. Check this one out...

8th Place - Joggers

Camp people like the casual and comfortable style and joggers are always a big hit....

9th place - Mugs

How else do you drink your coffee? While staring at your camp logo, of course!

10th place - Pajama pants

Hard to explain, but there are few articles of clothing that make a camp person as happy and content and a pair of camp pajama pants!


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About the Author

Gaby Fachler spent 10 summers in his youth as a camper and staff. He is the founder and general manager of Pack for Camp, an online store that offers everything you need for summer camp under one roof. Pack for Camp partners with summer camps to create and host their online logowear stores, managing them end-to-end, including setup, inventory management, payment, and shipping. If you need help setting up your online store, please feel free to get in touch.