Welcome to the camp universe where Doug is the name of the shovel you take to poop in the woods and Mr. No Shoulders is an uninvited snake on your site.

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive guide to navigating summer camp code. Contributions to this camp glossary come from the amazing camp pros on the Summer Camp Professionals Facebook group. A huge thanks to all contributors.

Bathroom Issues

"Camper A needs to use the facili-trees, can I grab the potty blanket?" "Sorry hold on a sec, Camper B is watering a tree over there and has it"

Outdoor bathroom facilities (AKA taking care of your needs in the woods)

Doug = the name of the shovel you take to poop in the woods (when you have to dig a cat hole, you get a little garden shovel. All you have to do is ask for Doug and we know what you need)


Fertilize a Tree

Potty blanket = sheet with a rope sewn into to it to hang up for privacy when you pee/poop in the woods

Scepter =  shovel for toilet in the woods and your toilet paper is the Orb. Only then can you ascend the throne

TIFFY = toilet in the forest for you (cousin of the BIFFY, aka a toilet seat on a box meant for #2 only and that usually has a nice view)

Water a Tree

Bathroom Emergencies 

Brown Trout = poop emergency for pool situations. See also: {insert pool director}’s nightmare

Code Brown = poop emergency

Eleventy = if someone was about to have an accident and eleventy billion if someone already had an accident

Please don't bother me, I'm in the bathroom

I'm gonna need 5-7

Me time = a radio response that indicates that you are on the toilet, and it would be really awkward for you to have a conversation right now, but you hear them and will respond when you are finished, so they should stop paging you. (Perfect example of when to use, "I'm gonna need 5 to 7")

General Bathroom Vocabulary

Barking spiders = fart

Bif = to use the Biffy = go to the bathroom

GP = group poop

High Voltage = staff bathroom

KYBO / Bogs = bathroom

Mileage = toilet paper

Toilet paper mitten = Wrapping so much tp around your hand it looks like a mitten. 

WaxMelts = time to poop

Animal Danger

We share our camp sites with animals of all shapes and sizes. Some real and some mythical. To avoid panic and pandemonium, camp staff have invented some creative ways of referring to these creatures...

Beware of the Bear

Big black dogs

Big Vic and Little Vic

Code 99 (Code 99 usually worked except for the staffer who said, “ We’ve got a code 99 and her cubs walking by the craft shop.”)

Paddington is visiting the latrines!

Warm & fuzzy

Yogi is here for his picnic basket

Snake on Site

Code Silver (named after legends of the hidden temple "silver snakes")

Code Winston

Moses Staff

Mr. No Shoulders

Walker or Noodle

Bed Bugs

Cheerios ( "I found cheerios in room 13 again")

Rusty Bolts (Radio maintenance for suspected "rusty bolts" in a cabin. Suspected bedbugs, check it now!!!!)

Mythical (or not) creatures

Beavershark = the creature that will attack you if you aren't properly applying sunscreen or bug spray.

Biff - the Huge wolf spiders than no one wanted to touch!

Crocoturtle = He attacks campers that don’t stay on the path around the lake. But the flying crocoturtles are the worst! 

Water buffaloes = A cross between a cow and a hippo.(I think) They live on the outside of the swimming area and will attack if you go past the lines.

Other Animals

Bruce is visiting Cabin = counselor code for "there's a bat in cabin _____. (Cleverly based on Bruce Wayne, aka Batman)

Code Moo = cows have broken onto camp property and senior staff must try and wrangle/chase them off site

Fart Squirrel = Skunk

Stacy's mom is here = Cougar

Trash Panda = Raccoon 

We need deodorant = Wasps on the ropes course

Hanging out and Chilling

Clumping = a group of 3 or more youth development professionals talking without youth nearby. (See Also: The Faux Clump and Tea Party)

The Faux Clump = a group of 3 or more youth development professionals desperately trying to keep a single youth nearby so they can continue to talk to each other without it being considered clumping.

Tea Party = a group of 3 or more camp staff clearing spilling the tea instead of engaging with youth

HOBC (either spelled out H.O.B.C or pronounced hob-kah) = hangout, be cool

Mossin' = chilling so much you are growing moss.

Truddy = a trio of buddies in the swim area.

Affection and Relationships

3 foot rule = previous camp coupling reminder to distance or Covid19 practice for upcoming 6 foot rule

Camp Googles = the phenomenon in which staff find each other more desirable throughout summer due to lack of options and proximity, despite actual compatibility.

Lifechecks = a consensual life affirming hug. “The best way to show what a lifechecks is, is to show what it is not.”

Melted = boy/girl/person-friend breakup

Scoop = boy/girl/person-friend

Sidehug = safe camper contact (pre-Corona)

TITTC (Take it to the City) = When a camp relationship continues after the summer

Staff Taking Some Time Off

Counting Trees = staff two hours off.

Doing Paperwork (because no camper wants to hear about paperwork)

Staff Meeting = A short break from children to play some hacky sack

Lifeguard Training = staff swim

Nature Listen = lay on your bed and take a nap.

Washing My Chacos

You have a meeting with Suzanne (the CEO) = your bosses are giving you extra time off, GIT!

Dining and Delicacies

Fuggets = chicken nuggets and French fries lunch

Hopper = helpers during meals (they hop up to get more food for the table). The person who has to bring the slop buckets up at meals.

Hutchin (like hut-kitchen) = unit cook shelters.

Jumper = the person who has to clear the dishes at your table for that meal

McHerbies = breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese on English muffins!

Mung = the juice at meal time (also the lake stuff you rake at the beach thus ... the drink) 

Poo Brew = Coffee

Totchos = tater tots with nacho toppings!

General Camp Terminology

Home Sick Child

Domestic Nostalgia

Flying Purple Cow = a camper with very bad homesickness.

Sticky Marshmallow

Tadger = the friendly tiger/badger/jaguar who writes letters to campers who are missing home.

Supply Basement



Inner Sanctum


Room of Requirement = has all our special event supplies

At the Lake/Pool

Code Popsicle = when a camper ‘falls’ in a body of water that they were not supposed to enter at that time

Jife = lifejacket

Pookey = pool gate key


Bendo = trash/ litter that you bend over to pick up

Buddy line = a line of buddies to get from point a to point b. ("Buddy line, buddy line. This may take up all our time. We can't seem to get it straight, that is why we're always late. Buddy line!")

Gravity check = to trip over nothing or fall for no reason

JOCC = Joint Operations Command Center = Camp Director’s shared office with Assistant Director

Lash = flashlight

Patch N Go = Health Center

Ptyrodactal = upset parent

Rockos = getting a rock stuck in your chaco

Trip flops = flip flops

Summer camp = where socks go to die

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