What would the world look like if it was ruled by summer camp professionals? We asked our friends on the Camp Pros Facebook group about the first law they would implement if they ruled the world. They didn't agree on everything.

Glitter seemed to be the most divisive issue but there was wide consensus on a lot of laws. For one, no one would ever be thirsty because you'd always have to be drinking water. And you definitely need to take a buddy! Presenting, the law according to camp pros...

Take a buddy
Walk, don't run
Nap time after lunch
Sunblock and hydration for all
No Glitter (Or maybe yes)
Spaghetti Mondays
Name tags all the time for everyone
Tie dye Tuesdays
If you have a disagreement that you cannot resolve, rock/paper/scissors… or a dance-off
No bullying
1 glass of water before everything
Send in your paperwork on time
No Running UP the slides
60 minutes play time every day for children (and adults)
Closed toe shoes! No exceptions
Every national anthem is now a repeat-after-me song (and a do-as-I-do song)
‘Hi’ or high five when ever you pass anyone
All military resources are devoted toward being able to capture the flag
Sing a song and get a free meal at ANY restaurant at any time
Poison ivy is on the FBI Most Wanted List
There is no bad weather, only poor clothing choices
All meetings MUST include s’mores
Minimum of 15 minutes of Ice Breakers at the start of every meeting
Future Presidents would be decided by a noise decibel meter
All Acts of War and/or Pranks must be approved by Leadership Staff prior to implementation.
Ye shall not challenge bus drivers, the dining hall, or the weather
Leave each place better than you found it
Every day, closing community campfires!
Wash your hands

Thanks to the amazing camp camp professionals who contributed to this article!

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