This blog was originally published by Camp Kupugani and appears here with their permission

Fill out the fun camp quiz below to see if you’re ready to send your child to camp.

  1. When your child stays overnight at a friend's house without you, do you...
    1. Cry uncontrollably and call them every 5 minutes
    2. Text them once or twice just to check in
    3. Pour a glass of wine and celebrate your freedom 
  1. Have you spoken to other parents who have experienced the same feelings when their child left for the first time?
    1. A little...I'm still not sure whether I should believe them though.
    2. My friends have reassured me that we'll both be okay and that it's good for each of us.
    3. Not at all...I am a rock; I am an island. 
  1. When preparing yourself for the separation, do you feel...
    1. Complete panic.
    2. A small amount of anxiety.
    3. Nothing at all. 
  1. When experiencing some anxiety, you should…
    1. Frantically check the website to see whether you can get a refund.
    2. Eat a lot of cookies and try to ignore your feelings.
    3. Watch the camp DVD—reinforcing your choice of your desired growth, development and independence for your child. 
  1. Recognizing that your child will be in a rich natural environment at camp, you should...
    1. Freak out and kill every spider that comes in your house.
    2. Take the opportunity to research insects and animals of the camp region and discuss them with your child.
    3. Positively role model what s/he should do when s/he encounters wildlife (insects, rabbits, deer…other critters of nature). 
  1. When sending your child off to camp, should you…
    1. Meticulously plan how to sneak into camp halfway through the session to see with your own eyes that your child is okay.
    2. Tell them they can come home whenever they want, and, just in case, sneak a cell phone into their luggage so they can call you.
    3. Entrust your child to the care of her/his camp counselors and be confident that the camp director is available for serious concerns. 
  1. On the prospect of leaving your child at camp for 2 weeks do you...
    1. Break into a huge, anxiety-induced sweat
    2. Feel slightly nervous but excited to see how your child can cope independently
    3. Rush online and book a flight to Hawaii...Aloha! 
  1. Can you survive the way your child’s hair looks when s/he cares for it on her own?
    1. No, s/he always needs my help...s/he's my baby!
    2. I think s/he can look after it alone and camp will be a good way of testing that.
    3. Yes, hair care is my child's responsibility. 
  1. Are you okay going two weeks without having to pick up your child’s clothes or shoes left lying around?
    1. No, I love picking up after my child on the daily.
    2. It will be a strange adjustment but I'm confident I can adjust.
    3. Is this even a question? YES! 
  1. If your child were to go to camp, what what you do?
    1. Miss them A LOT.
    2. Work, work, work.
    3. Make a list of new things to try and experience personal growth of your own.


 Quiz Results:

 Count up the amount of 1s, 2s and 3s among your answers.


If most of your answers are 1…

You're Not Ready Yet may consider getting an aviation license because you just might be....A HELICOPTER PARENT! In other words, sending your child to camp at this point might be too stressful for you to handle. We advise that you skip this year, take some time to make baby steps in trusting others to look after your child and allowing your child to gain some more independence.


If most of your answers are 2…

You're Ready

Although a little anxious, you can work through those feelings and allow your child to grow and develop on their own. It might be a bit of an adjustment at first, but we still think you are ready to take the leap and send your child to camp. YOU CAN DO IT!


If most of your answers are 3…

Get Your Kid to Camp!

Get the bug spray, sunblock, and check the camp's packing list; you're VERY ready to send your child to camp. You're comfortable spending time away from your child and trust their capability to cope without you, with caring staff to look after them. Nice job! We can't wait to see you this summer!