Melissa Goldwag from Pack for Camp and Rebekah Saltzman from Balagan Be Gone demonstrate how to use different storage solutions to maximize space in your camp bunk. 

Check out the storage solutions discussed in this video.  


Hi I'm Melissa from Pack for Camp. Hi I'm Rebekah from Balagan Be Gone and today we're talking about in-bunk storage.

Now there's only a limited number of places and and a limited space that each child will have in the bunk because there is a whole bunch of children sharing the same amount of space so we wanted to talk about how to maximize the space. And the first thing is to use the space under the bed. The easiest thing is to take your soft trunk or duffel that you came with and once it's empty you can use that for storage under the bed and there are also special under-bed storage boxes that you can purchase, either hard plastic or a softer vinyl that will fold up that you can use for that purpose.

There's also a bedside caddy where you can tuck that in and it will hang over the side of the bed which can be used for things you need all the time especially things near bedtime like a book or a magazine, a pen, your hairbrush or really anything you might want to use for that.

You can also use the packing cubes to put them directly on the cubby space or in the closet that the camp has provided. Now remember, that these are going to be already packed and you're going to pack them in categories, so shorts in one cube, shoes in another cube, toiletries in a third cube and even socks and if you want you can label the outside so that way when your children put it on the shelves they'll know exactly how to put away any clothes that come back from the laundry and it will help them with organization throughout camp time. And the rest of their lives. That's true.

If they have cubby space you can also use these nice foldable collapsible bins. They just pop right up and you put in this square to keep it stable and you can really use that for any sort of item whether it be socks or shoes or toiletries or what have you.

One last type of storage product is the over the door storage which is actually really great because it has a large number of pockets, anywhere from 14 and up, and it can be used for shoes or for socks or toiletries or anything else but check if your child is going to have that space before you send it because often times there's 12 children in the bunk and only one door.

To buy any of these items just click on the links below and happy packing!