Melissa Goldwag from Pack for Camp and Rebekah Saltzman from Balagan Be Gone discuss helpful tips about how to pack for camp.

Check out the the packing cubes and the duffel bags discussed in this video.  


Hi I'm Melissa from Pack for Camp. Hi I'm Rebekah from Balagan Be Gone and today in this video we are doing how to pack for camp.

So, you're going to want to start with your big bulky items but if you have a bag that's not nylon or waterproof then you're gonna want to just put some trashbags in on the bottom to prevent wetness from moisture from if the bag gets put on the ground and it's wet and raining outside so that all the stuff doesn't get wet.

So your'e gonna want to to start with the biggest bulkiest items first like the blankets and the pillows. And then you're gonna want to do things like the sleeping bags and the towels and any other small blankets you might want to pack and then you're not going to want to forget your pop-up caddy and then you're going to start with the packing cubes.

It's best if you can put the heavier items towards the bottom. It will weigh down the bulkier bigger items. Now if I don't have a packing cube what do I do? Then you can just pack everything right on top of the bigger bulkier items. And don't forget you can label these packing cubes if you want.

There's socks and shirts and here are some extra ones to help you stay organized in camp while you're already there and there's a little spot for the toiletry one right there. Don't forget to wrap your toiletries in plastic because even though they're wrapped up and we've taken precautions, you're going to want to make sure that nothing leaks.

Then you're going to just zip up and you'll be ready to go, packed for camp. To buy any of the items you've seen here just click on the links below and happy packing!