Melissa Goldwag from Pack for Camp and Rebekah Saltzman from Balagan Be Gone demonstrate how you can use packing cubes to organize your items neatly and efficiently into categories while you pack for camp. 

Check out the packing cubes, and name labels discussed in this video.  


Hi I'm Melissa from Pack for Camp. Hi I'm Rebekah from Balagan be Gone and today we're talking about packing cubes. 

So this is just to show you what a cube is if you've never seen one before. They come in all different sizes and they're a cube which you can open easily and close easily with a zipper put your stuff in and Rebekah, I think you wanted to show us how you go about using them right?

So packing cubes are great for organizing different categories of clothing. It makes unpacking and packing for your kids easier. You can even label the outside of the cube so that the kids know it's shirts for here we have shoes. Here I have been able to fit 3 pairs of shoes into 1 cube. This is a large cube. This is a medium cube here. This is the small cube and this one I have toiletries in and as you can see I still have the toiletries in a plastic bag because even though this particular brand is nylon water-resistant it still can leak because it has mesh to be breathable.

This is the extra large cube and it has 2 sweatshirts, a pair of sweatpants and a pair of shorts and it could even fit more into it. And this little guy has socks all neatly folded, ready to go. 

So what about bulky items Rebekah? Like these towels here. Do you want to put that in one of your storage cubes? So you can if you have enough cubes but I think that if you only have towels left or you only have sheets, that it's okay to leave out on the side but the categories of clothes are better to put into the packing cubes because basically it organizes everything for your child and it allows them to see how everything is laid out and systemized really.

And you can even include an extra set of labels because sometimes you forget to label something or your kids buy stuff in the camp canteen.

Okay, I think one of the good things about these is how nicely they'll stack into you actual suitcase or duffel bag or trunk or however you're packing to go to camp. 100%.

Okay, well thank you so much. Very interesting. Thank you for joining us.You can click on the links below if you want to buy any of the items you've seen here today and Happy Packing.