What do you think about when you hear the words “Summer Camp”? Nostalgic memories of childhood? The wonderful adventures your kids are about to experience? The quiet time that awaits while the kids are off at camp?

Whatever you're thinking, there's one thing looming in the background which every camper parent dreads... Packing For Camp. Too many things to get. Too many places to buy them from. Too much time wasted. 

If this sounds familiar to you then: a) we feel your pain, and b) we have great news!

One-Stop-Online-Shop for Summer Camp

Remember that packing list that your camp sent out with 101 different items that you needed for camp? What if we told you that you could probably find about 100 of them in one place without leaving your house?

Meet www.packforcamp.com. A one-stop-online-shop where you can find EVERYTHING you need for summer camp, under one roof. You can literally do your camp shopping in your pajamas while sipping coffee and imagining the vacation you’re going to take while the kids are away at camp, and as the title says, you’ll be done in under 10 minutes. And, of course, everything is delivered to your doorstep (or directly to your camp, if you prefer).

Save Time with Easy Browsing

The website is laid out with all the familiar camp categories (Duffel bags, Laundry, Storage, Toiletries, Bunk essentials and more) to allow you to easily browse through the site and quickly find what you need.

The best part is that you don't have to go to 13 different stores to find all those uniquely summer camp type of items: duffel bagsclip-on fans, egg-crate mattresses, bug spray, folding camp chairs, autograph pillows and practically anything else summer camp that you can think of… it’s all here, in one place.

Don't worry about your child losing all these great items at camp! Pack for Camp has a variety of personalized name labels to choose from including name stampers, laundry-proof stickers and iron-on labels.

Save Stress with Smart Packing Lists

The coolest feature of this site is their smart packing lists. Instead of going through all the categories one by one, Pack for Camp provides you with suggested packing lists for boys and girls that are laid out as a checklist. 

You simply go down the list, checking off what you need, and when you’re done, you add everything into your cart with one click. The smart packing list is also a great guide for camp parent newbies who don't know where to start. You see everything in one glance and get a big picture of exactly what you might need for camp.

If your camp happens to be one of the Pack for Camp partners, it’s even easier. Your camp will have a landing page with your own unique camp packing list that you can add to your cart in one click.

Save Money without Compromising on Quality

When you’re shopping for camp you want good quality items that will last through the rigors of camp but you also don't want to break the bank. Pack for Camp strikes a great balance of good quality merchandise and very competitive pricing.

Packing should not be Painful

Pack for Camp takes the pain out of Packing. With everything you need in one place you save time, you save stress and you save money. So next time you think of summer camp, think happy thoughts and think packforcamp.com.