Summer Camp... We know what you're thinking: "I need to label E-V-E-R-Y piece of clothing and accessories that I send with my child to camp. Where do I start? What kind of name labels do I buy? There are so many options. Heeeelp!!!"

Take a deep breath. We're here to help. Based on the questions we get from our customers on a daily basis, we've compiled the ultimate guide to buying name labels for camp. We'll look at 4 types of labeling solutions and we'll assess them based on ease-of-use, practicality and price. Let's get to it. 

Sticker Name Labels

Stick-on name labels are one of the most popular labels nowadays because of their ease-of use. No need to iron or sew on each label. With stickers, you simply stick your personalized label on to the tag of your clothing. Lots of customers ask us "Will these really stay on after a few washings?" The answer is yes, but... you need to make sure you follow the attached instructions for how to apply them. 

Stick-on name labels are also fun because they come in lots of fonts and patterns. One limitation for using them is that they need to be applied to tags. That means they're not going to work with your tagless t-shirts for example.

Stick-on name labels come in various sizes, shapes and patterns and are all-purpose, as they are waterproof as well - for your favorite camp items such as water bottles, pens, sports equipment and more. 

Check out this video with Melissa, our CEO, about how to apply the name labels:


Iron-On and Sew-On Labels

We've put these two in the same category because other than the obvious fact that one gets ironed on and one gets sewn on, they are very similar in terms of usage. Iron-on labels and sew-on labels have been around for decades, and there's a good reason for it. They can be applied to pretty much any clothing item, they are visible regardless of the color of the clothing and you can apply them anywhere you want (they don't have to be specifically on tags). They'll also stay on forever and are relatively inexpensive.

The disadvantage is obvious... you've got to either sew them or iron them on, neither of which is anyone's favorite pastime (maybe some people).  You are also limited in terms of colors and fonts.

Name Stampers

In the ease-of-use category, name stampers are a winner. You simply stamp any article of clothing. You can also have up to 3 lines of information which can be helpful. We often get asked how long the stamper will last before needing a refill. It should definitely last you through at least one season, depending on how many kids you are using it for and could also last a few more. You can always purchase an ink refill to keep on stamping.

One disadvantage is that you can only apply it to lighter colored clothing (or the tag of darker clothing) because it's usually black ink.  Stampers are on the more expensive end of your labeling options but well worth the investment.

Laundry Markers

Sometimes simplicity is king. Laundry Markers come in lots of colors, they're inexpensive, you can write anywhere on your clothing and you can write whatever you want because, well... you're writing. Which brings us to the obvious disadvantage. You need to write the same information hundreds of times. 

Our Recommendation 

At Pack for Camp, we usually recommend a combination of one easy-to-use alternative like the stickers or the stampers combined with one of the more versatile cheaper options. For example, if you buy stickers and a set of laundry markers, you can apply the stickers on most of your clothing and use the laundry markers for the tagless items. We've also put together a variety of recommended Camp Labels Packs such as "Stick & Iron", and "Stick & Stamp" so you don't need to think too much about the details.

One last tip before we conclude: If you want to use the name labels for multiple family members, just write your last name. To distinguish your labels further, you can also add a phone number, a city, or an address.

Questions and Feedback

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and we’d love to hear your feedback about this post. If you are still confused or have any questions about name labels, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you.