From The New York Times - Aug. 19, 2005
By Andrew Jacobs

ULSTER HEIGHTS, N.Y., Aug. 18 - Never has a cloud of dust brought so much pleasure.

For residents of Bayit Vegan, a bungalow colony with 100 cottages and a summer's worth of pent-up consumer demand, the dust signaled the arrival of Murray Goldwag and his rolling shop of discounted wonders. The buzz began even before he could navigate the camp's crater-pocked driveway and unload the boxes of black knee-highs, ankle-length skirts, challah covers, and most important, cheap plastic toys.

"The kosher sock guy is here, the kosher sock guy is here," the children shouted, followed by that interrogative dear to a merchant's ears: "Mommy, can I have a dollar?"

Despite the words on his apron -- "Murray's Kosher Socks" -- Mr. Goldwag is not just a purveyor of hosiery....

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