Rebekah Saltzman from Balagan Be Gone and Melissa Goldwag from Pack for Camp unpack the Samsonite Tote-A-Ton duffel bag and demonstrate how it's an ideal bag for packing for your Aliyah to Israel.


Check out the Samsonite Tote-A-Ton Duffel bag, discussed in this video.



Hi I'm Rebecca Saltzman from Balagan Be Gone Personal Organization  and I'm Melissa goldwag from Pack for Camp  and today we want to talk to you about the best bag  to use when you're making Aliyah.

Now we really love the Tote-a-Ton by Samsonite  because it's light weight and it's super durable and it's really a great bag to make sure that you're packing  everything you need to your fullest so you're getting  the most out of the bag that you possibly can in terms of  weight for your Aliyah trip. 

Right, as you mentioned it weighs  only a pound so it's not really a consideration in the weight  and you can pack so much into it not a ton as the name implies but you anyway can't use that ton. Now in terms of the size it's perfect for the airline restrictions and it comes in four great colors:  red black (with red straps actually), turquoise and purple. 

The great thing about this bag is that it's really durable nylon so it's super easy to clean if something does leak inside your bag and you want to keep it in pristine condition. Today we're going to unbox it for you so that you can see exactly how it comes packaged. 

Ok, so here we go. Here's the box, this is how it comes.  You can see in the little square that this one is going to be a purple one as it comes out even though the pictures are in red  and here we go. Very easy to open box.  Plastic bag keeping it nice and clean and folded nicely.  Here we go.  Would you grab the other end?  So it's a fairly good size and the really great thing about it is that basically unfolds so that it's totally flat. 

And so when you're packing it you can really pack things in it flat and then zip things up so things that are bigger and bulky that might be harder to get into an ordinary duffle bag can more easily go into this bag and it's a nice little feature here it has this really cool little pocket if you want to store something small  like if you wanted to put your scale in here your luggage scale  you could put it in here or an extra strap or even an extra bag  or your address in here, that also a good thing to put in there too.

So it's a really great bag it's not expensive and it's super durable and it will last you for  many many years even after you make Aliyah and it's good for the many times that you're going to have to transport  lots of bulky things for when you are making aliyah. So we recommend this bag and you can get it from the link below this video and we hope that if you have any feedback about it you let us know because we always love to hear feedback.  Happy packing and good luck with your Aliyah.