Nylon Laundry Bag


This high quality nylon laundry bag is made in USA of sturdy, breathable, 100% nylon that is rip and tear-resistant. Perfect for your dorm room, camp or home.
  • Oxford weave, 200 denier
  • Locking drawstring closure
  • Machine-washable
  • Dimensions: 24" X 36"
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Mesh Hosiery Laundry Bag


This mesh hosiery bag is perfect to protect your delicate garments or to keep socks from getting lost in the laundry!
  • Constructed from 100% white nylon mesh net to allow soap and water to flow through easily
  • Secure zipper closure
  • Dimensions: 14" X 17"
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Soft Toothbrush


Perfect for camp, college or home

Comes in assorted colors.

Picture is for illustrated purposes only.

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Plastic Toothbrush Holder


Keep your toothbrush clean and germ-free.
  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • 2 pack cover fits all sizes of toothbrushes
  • Compact cover for campers and travelers
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Toiletry Package with Conditioner


Order your Camp Toiletries Package now!

Package includes the following products:

Pantene Shampoo - 12 oz
Pantene Conditioner - 12 oz
Dove Body Wash - 12 oz
Crest Toothpaste 2 oz


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Arm & Hammer Deodorant 2.5oz Essentials Fresh


A deodorant that keeps you fresh with the power of Baking Soda and natural plant extracts.

  • Free of aluminum, parabens, colorants, or animal-derived ingredients
  • Keeps you smelling clean, naturally
  • Fights odors and keeps up with you and your busy day, so you stay confident all day
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      Always Pads Size 1 Ultra Thin 36 Count


      Always Ultra Thin Pads With Wings absorb leaks and odors in seconds, thanks to their unique LeakGuard + OdorCORE.

      • Powerful, long-lasting absorbency
      • Absorbs leaks and odors in seconds
      • Flexi-Wings help stop bunching
      • Thin, comfortable protection
      • Helps lock away leaks and odors in seconds
      • Flexi-Wings helps pad stay put
      • Dri-Weave Cover helps you stay dry, clean & comfy
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        Popup Shower Caddy


        A perfect way to carry all your personal care items right into the shower!
        • Measures: 8" x 12"
        • Made of porous and durable nylon mesh with a drainage hole in the bottom
        • Constructed with a flexible wire frame that can be folded flat for easy storage
        • Features a wide open top and a reinforced nylon carrying strap
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        Coppertone Sunscreen Spray SPF#70


        Sunscreen is a necessity at every camp and summer program, and even at home!
        • High-performance, durable formula
        • Photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
        • Antioxidant defense
        • Won't run into eyes and sting
        • Continuous Spray products spray at any angle
        • Water resistant (80 minutes)
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        Lip Balm SPF#50 0.13oz


        This sport lip balm is perfect to protect lips from sun and chapping
        • Contains aloe and vitamin E
        • Water resistant up to 80 minutes
        • Broad spectrum SPF #45-50
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        Insect Repellent


        Long-lasting protection from biting flies, gnats and chiggers, plus mosquitoes!
        • Ideal for outdoor use, Provides up to 5 hours of protection
        • Contains 15% DEET for great coverage against insects
        • Protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats, ticks, chiggers, and fleas
        • Works on outer surfaces of clothing
        • Sweat resistant formula
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          Insect Repellent Wristband Bracelet (1-Pack)


          Keep insects a safe distance away with these waterproof and nontoxic bracelets!
          • The vapors from the plastic wristband form a protective shield around the immediate area keeping insects a safe distance away.
          • While many repellents are easily diluted or rinsed off with swimming or perspiration the wristband keeps working up to 200 hours.
          • Waterproof & nontoxic
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              After Bite


              Stop the itch after the mosquitoes bite!
              • After Bite - a family favorite for 40 years, is a proprietary formula that relieves the itch and sting from mosquito, flea, and other insect bites.
              • For instant and permanent relief from itching and pain, we now added baking soda, grandma's home remedy against insect bites and stings.
              • Simple to apply, the applicator tip makes local, no-mess application a breeze.
              • Picture is for illustrative purposes, type is based on availability
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                  Wet Brush Detangler


                  Designed specifically for wet hair, the Wet Brush will detangle your knots with ease - no matter what hair type.
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                  MP3 Player


                  A fabulous choice for listening to music anytime, anywhere!


                  • Screen Size: about 1.8 inch
                  • Storage: 16GB(max support 128GB)
                  • MP3 Weight: 25g
                  • MP3 Size: 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 in
                  • Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery, can be charged via USB cable to the PC or wall
                  • Support music playback format: MP3、WMA、OGG、APE、FLAC、WAV、AAC-LC、ACELP
                  • Video format: AMV、AVI
                  • Picture browsing format:JPEG、BMP、GIF
                  • Record: recorded and saved in WAV or MP3 format
                  • E-book: support TXT format
                  • FM Radio: 87.5MHz~108MHz, save up to 30 channels
                  • Support FAT16/FAT32
                  • Support Micro SD/MMC/SDHC card

                  What’s in the Package:

                  • 1 x MP3/MP4 Player
                  • 1 x 16GB Micro SD Card
                  • 1 x USB Cable
                  • 1 x Earphone
                  • 1 x User Manual
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                  Ultra Compact Digital Camera


                  Perfect for camp, just point and shoot this compact digital camera!

                  • 21 Mega Pixels
                  • 2.7" LCD with 8X Digital Zoom
                  • Rechargable
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                  Tide To Go Pen Stain Remover


                  Instant Stain Remover. Helps remove many fresh food and drink stains!

                  Safety Information: 

                  Keep out of reach of children. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. 


                  Active Ingredients: Biodegradable Cleaning Agents. 


                  1. Remove excess residue from stain.

                  2. Press the tip onto the stain several times to release some stain remover solution onto the stain.

                  3. Rub tip gently across the stain to remove it. When necessary, add more liquid and continue rubbing gently.

                  4. Important: If treated area will be exposed to direct sunlight, wipe with a damp cloth or napkin to remove excess solution left on fabric. For Best Results: Follow all four steps above. Safe on most colorfast, machine washable and dry cleanable fabrics. Some fabrics may be susceptible to color change. Test on a hidden area prior to use.

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                    Toenail Clipper


                    Metal nail clipper with file

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