Remember that while at camp campers are going to get dirty, so please pack appropriately.  Camp is a great place to use old clothes. All personal belongings should be clearly labeled with the camper’s last name.


The following is a general packing list, along with lists specific to certain camp.   These lists are not intended to be a burden, just a tool to help the camper have an enjoyable and comfortable week.


Required Items

                Sleeping bag/bed roll                                                                                     Pillow

                Long pants                                                                                                          Sweatshirt or light jacket

                T-Shirts                                                                                                 Shorts

                Swim suit, modest one-piece                                                                     Underwear

                Socks                                                                                                                     Sneakers/closed-toe shoes

                Waterfront shoes                                                                                            Towels - 1 bath, 1 beach

                 (old shoes/sandals/aqua socks)                                                               Flashlight and spare batteries

                Mosquito repellant                                                                                         Toiletry articles - Soap, toothbrush,

                Waterproof Sunscreen: minimum SPF 45                                              Shampoo, comb/brush, etc.

                Water Bottles (2)


Optional Suggested Items

                Books                                                                                                                    Fitted sheet (twin size)

                Pajamas                                                                                                               Sunglasses (cheap ones)

                Backpack/Day pack                                                                                         Hat or cap with brim

                T-Shirt for tie dye                                                                                             Guitar or other musical instrument

                Rain Gear/Poncho                                                                                           Ideas for skits and songs

                Chap stick, moisturizer                                                                                  Hiking boots

                Camera/film                                                                                                       Theme Week costumes and/or props


Additional Packing List for Specific Programs

                Explorer/Discovery Horse Camp Required Items:                             Discovery/Explorer Fishing Required Items:

                Jeans - 2 pair                                                                                                       Sunglasses with strap

                Mosquito repellant                                                                                            Extra Clothes

                Closed toe shoes (Boots preferred)                                                              Rain gear or poncho

                Optional Items:                                                                                                   Day pack

                Cowboy boots or smooth-soled boots                                                          Stuff sack for sleeping bag

                Bandana                                                                                                               Optional Items:

                Cowboy Hat                                                                                                         Extra Bathing Suit

                                                                                                                                                Brimmed Hat

                Explorer Hike Required Items:                                                                      Fishing Tackle (pole, tackle box, bait, etc.)

                Internal or External Frame Back Pack                                                           No Knives                                             

                Hiking Boots                                                                                                        LDP Camp Required Items                                             

                Rain gear or poncho                                                                                          Servant’s heart (Desire to serve kids)

                Optional Items:                                                                                                   Positive attitude

                Stuff sack for sleeping bag                                                                               Stuff sack for sleeping bag

                Hiking Poles                                                                                                         3-ring binder

                                                                                                                                                Pens, pencils, paper

                Explorer SUP Camp Required Items:                                                          Books of songs and skits

                Sunglasses with strap or hat with brim                                       

                Extra Clothes                                                                            

                Optional Items:                                                                         

                Rain gear or poncho                                                                                         

                Fitted life jacket                                                                                 

                Extra bathing suit