Pack for Camp has partnered with the "One Nation One Heart Campaign" to unite the Jewish people behind our soldiers, our evacuees, and all the people of Israel for now and the future with the message, “One Nation, One Heart” or ”עם אחד בלב אחד.”

About the One Nation One Heart Campaign

Our immediate goal is to unite the Jewish people behind our soldiers, the survivors of the tragedy, and all of Israel FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE with the message, “One Nation, One Heart” or ”עם אחד בלב אחד.”

It is a message of unity, resilience, strength and hope following what happened to the Jewish nation on October 7th - and to proudly say that we, the Jewish people, as always, will prevail B’H!!

All donations will go straight to buying and providing dri-fit shirts, a basic necessity for our soldiers, for them to wear under their uniforms; neck-warmers to keep our soldiers warm during the winter; unity banners to be placed throughout Israel; special prayer and Tehillim booklets to be distributed in communities worldwide and more. Each of these items carry this inspiring message of pride and unity. We have partnered with various organizations that distribute needed supplies to our soldiers as well as to as many people in Israel as possible to wear and display as an unequivocal show of solidarity!!!!

Get Involved

There are many different ways to get involved in the campaign:

👉 Invite others to join and follow the campaign on WhatsApp- copy and share this link:

👉Donate to the campaign:

👉 Host an event for evacuees, volunteer, place a banner on your home/street, become an ambassador in your community and more- contact us on WhatsApp: David +972-54-5444687

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