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Fill out the fun and informative quiz below to see if your child is ready to go to camp. 

  1. How have your child's overnight experiences away from home been?
    1. What? Out of my sight? Would s/he be able to call me hourly?
    2. Although we haven't worked up to staying at friends' houses, s/he is comfortable when s/he stays at Auntie's place.
    3. Great! S/he enjoys regular sleepovers at friends' houses. 
  1. What does your child expect to do at camp?
    1. I'm not too sure. We haven't spoken much about it.
    2. I think s/he wants to make new friends and experiences.
    3. Everything! S/he has looked at the website a million times. She is fully aware of what to expect. 
  1. How easily does your child make friends with other kids?
    1. S/he prefers the comforts of home and immediately family to social activities.
    2. S/he is shy at first with new people but great as soon as s/he feels comfortable.
    3. Easily! S/he thrives in new circumstances and makes friends right away. 
  1. Has your child participated in group activities like day camp programs, team sports, or youth organizations?
    1. No, s/he is not a part of any groups or teams.
    2. She has attended a couple of days of a day camp in the past.
    3. WHERE DO I START? Basketball on Monday, saxophone on Tuesday, soccer Thursday, painting Saturday--I’m a taxi! 
  1. Is your child comfortable telling adults about any needs?
    1. Not really, s/he is often nervous about telling teachers or other adults that s/he needs help.
    2. S/he’s a little shy at first, but usually soon finds someone s/he trusts.
    3. Oh yes, s/he will tell you exactly what's going on...don't worry. 
  1. What are your child’s eating habits like?
    1. VERY picky. I usually have to make a special meal just for her/him.
    2. S/he can be finicky at times but with encouragement will try new things.
    3. That child will eat whatever's on the plate; s/he's a human vacuum! 
  1. How independent and responsible is your child?
    1. Not very; s/he would need constant supervision.
    2. S/he is capable of independence but needs regular reminders.
    3. Pretty good. I trust my child's capacity to look after her/himself at camp. 
  1. Do you think your child would be anxious about being away from home?
    1. Yes, s/he would be in constant fear!
    2. I definitely think it would challenge my child at first, but s/he would settle in soon enough.
    3. I think s/he would be a little nervous before leaving, but that's natural. 
  1. How does your child deal with conflict?
    1. Not well. It's usually her/his way or the highway. Tears are usually shed.
    2. Okay; s/he'd prefer to have things in her/his favor but is somewhat adaptable.
    3. Great; s/he's quite skilled at the art of compromise and seeing situations from another perspective. 
  1. Does your child want to go to camp?
    1. No way, but I think she should.
    2. It was my idea at first, but after discussing it more, s/he is excited at the prospect.
    3. Yes! It's her idea in the first place.


Quiz Results

Count up the 1s, 2s and 3s among your answers.


If most of your answers are 1…

Not Quite Ready Yet - Take Baby Steps

Although camp is a great experience that we recommend for every child at some point, right now your child may not be ready. Perhaps they are a little immature, or have not had sufficient opportunities to be independent. To facilitate the process, we recommend first practicing sleepovers at a relative's home. After that, try a trusted friend's house. If they get through a couple of those confidently (i.e. without calling home and asking to be picked up), they're probably ready for camp!


If most of your answers are 2…

Your Child Is Ready - Pack Those Bags!

S/he might be a little nervous and shy at first but this experience is exactly what s/he needs. This little push of sending her to camp can be extremely rewarding, fostering independence and confidence. S/he can do it! Start packing those bags!


If most of your answers are 3…

Yes, Get Them To Camp!

YES! YES! YES! Your child is ready for camp! S/he is excited, knowledgeable and has experience of being part of a team. Start packing! We can't wait to meet her/him! 


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