Every summer camp sends out a packing list, but there are some extras that camps don’t mention, which can really make or break a summer camp experience.

Here at Pack for Camp, we have compiled a list of essentials that you may not realize your child needs. Along with the camp’s official packing list, this is the only summer camp checklist you need!

Soft trunk duffel bag - So much easier to pack, carry and store than the old-fashioned trunks of our childhoods.

Egg crate mattress - It just makes the bed so much more comfortable!

Foldable storage bin or bag - Camps don’t provide tons of storage space and it’s always nice to have just a bit more.

Rain poncho - Unless your camp is on the West Coast, there will likely be rainy days over the course of the summer. Ponchos take up no space and are lifesavers when it’s pouring, but too hot for a jacket.

Sock locks - It’s hard enough trying to keep sock pairs together at home; imagine trying to do it at camp!

Insect repellent and after bite treatment - Mosquito bites are the bane of existence for many campers. You can’t prevent them all, but you can reduce greatly and treat the rest.

Collapsible travel cup - Cups coming in handy for brushing teeth and staying hydrated all day long. 

Clip-on fan - It can get really hot in a camp bunk! This fan ensures a good night’s sleep and the ability to relax on a hot day.

Playing cards and Games - When kids are detached from their phones, they rediscover the endless fun that a pack of cards contains.

For more advice on how and what to pack for camp, see Packing for Summer Camp – The Ultimate Guide.